Five rec-tech buzzwords you need to know

Contextualisation – We’re seeing greater sophistication in websites that are “self-aware” and can adapt to different users, depending on the context to them viewing the content – based on things like the time of day, proximity and even the current weather. The aim is to give users more specific, targeted messaging.

Re-engagement – This approach is designed to stop candidates dropping out of the application “funnel”, and could be in the form of overlay ads offering help, follow-up emails, offers of live chat.

Democratisation – a number of technologies are emerging that make the recruitment process fairer, for example by using data on their academic performance and combining this with social background, or by ranking potential candidates for a role with no manual intervention, so recruiters see an unbiased result.

Programmatic advertising – It’s been around a while in the consumer space, but crunching numerous sources of data to present the right ad, at the right time, to the right person, is gaining ground in recruitment too.

Personalisation – This could mean personalised to a single user, to a certain type of behaviour, to preferences a user has indicated, or a certain type of applicant – the key to any sort of personalisation is data, and how recruiters use it is becoming ever more sophisticated.

By Jo Faragher on 15 Mar 2016


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