The Week in Numbers – 17th November

The Week in Numbers – 17th Novemberblue news

24% – Proportion of calls not answered by HMRC staff. MPs have criticised the tax office’s performance calling it “completely unacceptable”

£500 – Amount each new employer using The People’s Pensions for auto-enrolment will be charged in 2016

9 – Number of insurers on the Financial Stability Board’s “Too big to fail” list. Dutch insurer Aegon replaced Generali last week

400 – Number of advice firms and providers approached by the FCA for a data-gathering exercise to inform the Financial Advice Market Review

£10K – Compensation awarded by the Pensions Ombudsman to an Abbey Life customer who was made aware of a guaranteed annuity rate

£5bn – Outflows in the year to September at Prudential-owned asset manager M&G

£100m – Investment in film partnerships by Kingsbridge Asset Management on behalf of clients, including former England Footballers

£733,794 – Payout minus bonus and redundancy payment Partnership chief executive Steve Groves will receive when the provider merges with Just Retirement


Quote: “If we didn’t have Pension Wise, everyone would just go to their provider, and we know what they are like” – Pensions minister Ros Altmann argues it is in advisers’ and consumers’ interests to boost the take-up of guidance


Originally published in Money Marketing Magazine on 12th Nov 2015

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