The Week in Numbers – 30th Nov

The Week in Numbersadmin chart

5 – Number of organisations that should merge to become a single trade body, according to a review chaired by former Ofcom chief Ed Richards. The list includes the CML and the BBA

£3.7m – Amount in Hargreaves Lansdown shares sold by investment marketing director Ian Hunter

99 – Number of companies that have defaulted on their debt this year, according to Standard & Poor’s. Global defaults are at their second-highest level in a decade

£4tn – Amount the Government plans to spend over the course of this Parliament

3 mins – Average time spent by consumers on the Pension Wise website

7 years – Length of time but-to-let lender CHL Mortgages has been out of the market. It is understood it will start lending again early next year

20,000 – Number of RBS branch staff who will have their cash bonuses scrapped under plans to reduce misspelling risks

£119.30 – New weekly state pension following a 2.9% increase


Quote of the week: “Issuing new staging dates to people who have already had them would cause mayhem” – Former pensions minister Steve Webb on the risks of delaying auto-enrolment for small firms.


Originally Published in Money Marketing Magazine 26th Nov 2015

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