Pay Is Not Only Workers Gripe




A Job Exodus Trends poll carried out in December 2015 by Investors in People has found that many employees want improvements in the quality of their working life more than they want a pay rise.  In the survey, employees across the UK were asked to choose between a 3 per cent increase in pay and a range of non-pay-related benefits.

Among those who responded, 34 per cent would rather have flexible working than a 3 per cent pay increase, 28 per cent favoured clear career progression rather than the extra money and 24 per cent would prefer more training and development.

Almost half of the survey’s respondents said that they would be looking for a new job in 2016, with 43 per cent of those citing poor management as the main reason they wished to change jobs, followed by feeling undervalued (39 per cent) and unsatisfactory pay (38 per cent).

One in five employees felt that their workload was too high and 27 per cent were unhappy with the level of pay that they received.

A lack of career progression was a source of dissatisfaction for 23 per cent of employees.


With thank to The Voice, March/April 2016

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